Find out when you'll die and add it to your calendar

Live every day knowing if it's your last

A couple of years ago, I tried learning some React. I decided to use my extremely basic skills to implement an idea I'd had for a while: take a quiz and get given a best guess of the date of your death, and add some reminders to your calendar for your "Death anniversary" (e.g. 10 years, 20 years before your death).

The idea is that maybe these reminders will take you by surprise and force you into a state of openness and presence, given your sudden confrontation with your own death. Please don't do this if death gives you a lot of anxiety or fear — be kind to yourself, you are loved.

Anyway, here's the quiz

The data is taken from various mortality datasets provided by the WHO and the questions are there to provide the most generally applicable and predictive variables that influence your lifespan. No guarantees are provided that your death will occur on the date that is guessed — I hope you live much, much longer.